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Do you want to be part of a dedicated team driven by promoting and fostering the mental well being of our college students? Liberty University Counseling & Psychological Services is currently seeking to fill a variety of positions and you may be exactly what we're looking for!

Open Positions

Crisis Intervention Specialist

A Crisis Intervention Specialist (CIS) is directly responsible to and assists the Directors and/or Executive Director of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) in whatever areas deemed necessary. The CIS will perform risk assessments for students experiencing significant psychological distress due to an immediate risk of self-harm or pose a potential high threat to community safety and indicate the need for emergency services. The CIS will act as a direct liaison with on-campus emergency services / LUPD to complete direct safe transport to local emergency care providers, confirm results of third-party mental health evaluations and inform CAPS senior staff daily of the concurrent plan of care. The Crisis Intervention Specialist will provide case management services to high-risk students following hospital discharge by monitoring the student’s ability to maintain stabilization goals and determining the status of clinical and or medical compliance with the recommended continuing care plan. The CIS will be responsible for promoting prevention efforts to reduce repeated psychiatric hospitalizations.

Additionally, the Crisis Intervention Specialist will provide ongoing case management services for vulnerable pre-crisis student populations who require a higher degree of follow-up care due to high acuity risk factors (CM7). The CIS will be directly responsible for providing orientations to CAPS crisis support services, specialized crisis assessment / intervention trainings, crisis case management / relapse prevention trainings to CAPS staff and all masters and doctoral level interns completing on-site crisis assessments.

Licensed Counselor

A Licensed Counselor is directly responsible to and assists the Directors and/or Executive Director of Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) in whatever areas deemed necessary. The primary function of the Licensed Counselor is to provide students with short-term counseling that integrates a Biblical worldview as well as effective counseling strategies. A Licensed Counselor also provides support for any crisis-oriented situation that may arise for residential students which include, but are not limited to, suicidal ideation, emotional disruptions, family emergencies, mental health crises and deaths of family members. A Licensed Counselor is responsible for updating electronic files and keeping complete and accurate records of counseling sessions including progress notes and clinical reports, which consist of assessment information, case conceptualization, DSM-5 diagnoses, treatment plans and summary of termination. A Licensed Counselor is also involved in originating, planning, coordinating, and implementing psychoeducational programs/counseling groups for the student population. A Licensed Counselor serves as a consultant to various schools across the University. A Licensed Counselor provides mentorship to Counselor and intern staff. A Licensed Counselor may be asked to provide clinical supervision to Counselor or intern staff. A Licensed Counselor must attend team meetings.


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